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Our Online Courses

The Japan Study Abroad Network is proudly offering quality private Japanese language lessons online now. Throughout our online Japanese language courses, you will have a great opportunity to learn the language with our experienced instructors without leaving your home!

Why Study Japanese Online with Us?

  • Access to our highly qualified instructors with 10+ years of teaching experience
  • Affordable private lessons
  • Flexible class schedules
  • Network and resources exclusively available for our students

Online Course Overview

General Japanese

The General Japanese Language course is designed for students who like to begin strengthening the core Japanese language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Our experienced Japanese instructors will introduce you with the important grammar structures, which will lead to improve your reading and writing skills. Also, this course is suitable for students with advanced Japanese skills, who want to keep improving the Japanese skills to the academic level.

Lesson Topics

✔ Japanese Basic Grammar
✔ Greetings & Introducing Yourself
✔ Japanese Characters – Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji
✔ Conversational Japanese – Small Talk
✔ Expressing Your Ideas & Asking Questions
✔ Writing Short Stories

Practical Japanese Conversation

In the Practical Japanese Conversation course, students will be able to brush up their Japanese communication skills by focusing on the conversational practices. Students will be able to carry the day-to-day conversations, from introducing oneself, one’s family and friends, to expressing ideas and opinions to others. This course is best suited for beginners to intermediate students who like to effectively communicate with local Japanese people when visiting, living, or working in Japan.

Lesson Topics

✔ Greetings and Common Expressions
✔ Introducing Yourself and Your Family
✔ Scheduling Plans with Others
✔ Asking for Directions and Help
✔ Conversation in the Restaurant
✔ Seeking and Confirming Information
✔ Making Phone Calls
✔ Stating your Ideas and Opinions

Business Japanese

The Business Japanese course focuses on the unique cultural aspects of the language in the Japanese business settings. Students will be able to write Japanese resumes, to prepare for interviews for Japanese companies, to conduct business meetings, and to do presentations. Also, our instructors will teach you the essential business etiquette and customs that will be useful for working in Japan or for Japanese company. This course offers 2 different levels: Business Survival for Beginners and Advanced Business Communication.

Lesson Topics

✔ Greetings, Expressions and Etiquette at Work
✔ Customer Service Training & Non-verbal Communications
✔ Writing Emails Professionally
✔ Resume & Interview Preparation
✔ Role-play Training

Japanese Test Preparation

Through the Japanese Test Preparation course, students can prepare for the most common Japanese language tests, including, JLPT, EJU, BJT, J-TEST, TOPJ and NAT-TEST. Our instructor will tailor each lesson for your exam and prepare you to achieve your goals in the tests.

Lesson Topics

✔ Key Vocabulary & Grammar for the Exams
✔ Writing Exercise
✔ Mock Tests

Schedule & Fees

Class Schedule On Request
(Dependent on the availability of instructors)
Lesson Duration 60 mins
Course Length Flexible (Minimum 1 lesson)
Price (1-9 Lessons) ¥3,000/lesson
Price (10-20 Lessons) ¥2,700/lesson
All the above prices are in JPY and subject to tax (10%).

Technical Requirement for Online Courses

What you will need for our online lessons:
✅ a computer or tablet
✅ the Internet connection (wifi or wired connectivity)
✅ one of the applications: Skype, Google Meets, Zoom, Facebook Messenger
✅ Paper & a pen

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